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We manage, build, and design WordPress websites for education, government, and business.

WordPress Management

You wouldn't plant a garden just to let it go to the weeds, would you? Just like a garden, your WordPress website requires constant attention.

Legal compliance, Brown Act reporting, core updates, security patches, search engine optimization, dealing with outdated content, Section 508 accessibility standards, European Union GDPR laws... Who's got time to deal with all of that?

At Mile3, those are a few of our favorite things!

Each of those big, scary tasks will be off your plate when you work with Mile3 for your management and support.

Web Therapy™

Early on, we learned that we have a special skill — we speak "human" as well as "geek."

When you work with us to manage your web properties, we set aside regular times for in-person "Web Therapy" where your team can make real-time changes, updates and discuss opportunities for expansion with one or more of our web professionals.

We think you'll like knowing you can call us any time to meet you where you are and improve your web assets.

Peace of mind.

Think of it—full legal compliance, no more anxiety over security vulnberabilities and outdated content. 

We'd like to show you how Mile3 can help provide peace of mind — and a great looking, modern, fresh website to boot!

Let us handle the weeds so you can take care of business.

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Date: October 2018 - Present
Owner: La Mesa Spring Valley Schools

WordPress Development

Building out and remodeling your website should be an ongoing process.

The days when you could launch a web site and call it "done" are a thing of the past.

That's a good thing.

We're not dealing with paper here. Your website is no mere online brochure that never changes.

In the modern world, websites should be living, dynamic, and growing. New pages, menu items, sections and libraries are a sign of a healthy, growing online ecosystem. Yay! Go, website, go!

Your friend in the digital age.

Sometimes you need to add stuff. Other times you may need to "kill your darlings." We can help you with that.

Our experts would love to work with you to keep your website fresh, young and functional.

Mile3 is your friend in the digital age.

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Date: October 2018 - Present
Owner: Point Loma Nazarene University

WordPress Design

The theme engine for WordPress can be daunting, especially if you want your site to do more than just what can be done "out of the box."

How do you make different types of posts? Can we add some custom page layouts? Is there a way to make the Blog look better? And what the heck is a "widget" anyway.

Never fear, we understand all of that stuff. It's not rocket science, but you do need to know what you're doing.

And we know exactly what we're doing.

Mile3 is flexible — we can do as much or little design work as you feel comfortable with. We love to listen, listen, listen, and work with your team to come up with a design.

By the same token, we're equally happy to implement a design your team comes up with on their own.

We're cool either way. We just want you to be happy and successful! 

Give us a call and let's talk about it: +1 619 757 1303.

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Date: September 2016 - Present
Owner: National Funding, Inc.

We provide excellent service at a fair price. We measure our success by the strong relationships we maintain with every client, whether a small retailer, a government entity, or a Fortune 500 Company.


We'd like to have a coversation about your needs. 

Call now to speak to a developer:

+1 619 757 1303

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San Diego Press Club
Excellence in Journalism Awards 2015

Winner, Best In Show, San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism Awards 2015, Best Website Entry, San Diego Convention Center Corporation Website Design

San Diego Convention Center Corporation
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